LONGKOU YIHAO MACHINERY CO.,LTD specialized in manufacturing the pulp moulding machine, including Continuous Rotary type ,Intermittent Rotary  type ,Reciprocating type, Reciprocating Turnover Single Working Position ,Reciprocating Turnover Double Working Position and so on .Pulp moulding machine can be used for making all kinds of egg tray ,egg carton ,fruit tray ,cup carrier, Disposable Medical product ,all kinds of industrial packaging ect. Company has nearly 40 years experience in manufacture and has professional researching and designing level ,specialized in R&D of egg tray machine, there are more than 30 items reformation and improvements on the basis of defects and disadvantage in the old type egg tray machine ,gained more than 10 items patents and the patented certification issued by Nation Patent Bureau (Intellectual Property).
The top grade egg tray machine equipped with the patented subsidy devices can produce the first class egg tray ,machine running is more stable and reliable ,long service life and safe operation.
Company is located in beautiful port city ,LONGKOU City ,SHANDONG Province ,about 40 minutes far from the Yantai Penglai International Airport ,about one hour and thirty minutes far from Beijing airport and Shanghai airport.
The top grade egg tray machine produced by our company has exported to South Eastern Asia ,Middle East ,Africa ,Europe and South America ect, like Turkey, Jordan, India, Cote d’ Ivoire ,Nigeria ,Russia, Poland ,Yemen, Mexico ,Argentina ,Colombia ect.
Our company ‘s aim is quality is the first! Good reputation in the world ! Open up the international market and mutual benefit and double win .
YIHAO Company will supply the top grade egg tray machine all the time and try our best to give our good service to old and new customers.
Welcome you to visit our company ,wish you have a successful business and a happy family!  
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Quality is our soul
Product Type: Egg Tray Machine
Processing Type: Pulp Molding Machine
Place Of Origin: shandong, China
Approval: CE
Warranty: 12 Monthes
Rotary: 1 /4 /8 /12 Faces
Forming Platen Size: 1600 x 400 mm / 1950 x 420 mm / 2350 x 420 mm
Capacity: 400 – 28000 pcs/hr 
Matches with 6-layer dryer, energy efficient and conserve energy
Full automatic egg box production line equipped with automatic hot pressing and intelligent conveying stacking technology.
Mainly applied for egg tray,  egg carton, fruit tray, cup carrier, bottle tray etc.
Model: AAT40-5-5 (4880) Top Grade Egg Tray Machine
It is composed of 40pcs Forming Mould, 5pcs Press Mould and 5pcs Transferring Mould, safety capacity is 4800pcs/hr, Max. Capacity is 5200pcs/hr. There are 36items improvements and reformations on the whole machine, equipped with 13 items patented subsidy devices, which is called that “one patent one step, one highlight two steps, one surprise three steps” by customer after stepping up the operation platform of this machine. At present, this is the most advanced top grade egg tray machine in the world.
The most outstanding feature:
--Stable and reliable running,
--Saving energy
--High efficiency
--Producing the high quality egg tray of EU standards
Model: ATT32-4-4-4(3880) Top Grade Egg Tray Machine
It is a single drum, including Turnover Mould, Pressing Mould and Transferring Mould. Adopting a integrative Mechanical, Pneumatic, Intelligent and Patented technology,
The most outstanding feature:
(1) Pressing Mould:
the Pressing mould can press the wet egg tray automatically during production, forcing a dehydration of wet egg tray to save the drying energy;
--to eliminate the regularity and wrinkles on the back of egg tray, improving the appearance quality of egg tray;
(2) Turnover Mould:
the Turnover Mould will press the wet egg tray again during transferring egg tray, increasing the egg tray density, to reduce the deformation in dryer;
the Turnover Mould can turnover the egg tray to make the front surface upwards, avoiding to remain the mark of conveyor belt on the front surface of egg tray.
Model: AAA72-48-48(28000) Three-Drum Rotary Egg Tray Machine
It is composed of Forming Drum, Transferring Drum and Unloading Drum, including 72pcs Forming mould, 48pcs Press mould, and 48pcs Transferring Unloading Mould. Max. Capacity is 28000pcs/hr, which is regards as Top of The World.
The most outstanding feature of Pressing with each other between drum and drum:
--be able to force dehydration of wet egg tray;
--to eliminate the regularity and wrinkles on the back of egg tray;
--to increase the egg tray density, 
improving the appearance quality of egg tray.

Model: TTB3+3-3 Turnover Reciprocating Pulp Moulding Machine
It is composed of 6pcs Forming Mould and 3pcs transferring and Unloading Mould, Max. capacity is 1800pcs/hr. safety capacity is 1500pcs/hr; there are two working-side on the turnover roller, equipped  with forming mould on each side, the forming mould turnovers left-and-right following the roller during running.
The outstanding features:
1— To produce  common pulp moulding and industrial trays with a big height;
2— Two working-side dehydrates without an intermittent, making full use of the vacuum sources.


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