Best Egg Carton Making Machine

        LongKou YIHAO Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise that designs and sells egg tray machine. We have exported our egg tray machine to more than 20 countries, such as Australia, Argentina, Algeria,Arabia, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine,  Brazil, Saudi and so on.

        Paper egg carton making machine is used to make egg trays. Meanwhile, we have egg tray machine, apple tray making machine, paper pulp molding machine, egg tray production line,fruit tray production line, plastic foaming machine for sale. According to productivity demand, you can buy manual, semi automatic and automatic egg tray machine from us.

        So many egg tray making machine manufacturers, many customers would like to choose YIHAO MACHINERY. Apart from superior material, advanced technology, reasonable price, we will provide perfect after-sales service as well. Above all, we can customize paper egg tray machine in the terms of your requirements.

        Rotary Type Paper Pulp moulding machinery fits for the mass production such as egg trays,fruit trays,coffee cup trays,bottle trays etc.Work with the high-efficient single layer/multi layer drying line.The capacity of the completed production line is 400pcs/hour - 28000pcs/hour.

        In YIHAO Machinery, We have many kinds of forming machine to make egg tray. Different forming machine, different capacity. We also can according to your request to design the Pulp moulding machinery.

Pulp Board

Different pulp made by bulrush, straw, bagasse, bamboo, wood etc.

Waste Paper

Such as paper board, carton, newspaper, waste pulp in paper making factory.

Plant Fibre

Fibre of palm, straw, sugarcane etc.



Pulping system

    Pulping system is mainly comprised of hydrapulpter, pulp pump, multi-function refiner machine, blender, control cabinert,ect.
This process is designed to allow the waste paper turned into pulp.Put the waste paper to pulper to make pulp, after some
support equipments and 3 pulp pools, the pulp concentration will become 0.8%-1%

Forming system

    Forming machine and the support equipments make the pulp become the egg tray.This is primarily using the aluminum
mold to absorb the pulp then molding the egg tray , by vacuum pump.The blow molding technology is the key.

Drying system
    We could produce single drying line and multi-layer drying line in according to our customers' request The stove or the burner,
The coal, gas,diesel oil. According the price the coal,gas,oil. The drying line we can make single layer or multi layer depend 
on buyer's request. And the fuel can be diesel ,natural gas ,coal and electric . the enegy of consumption of our company 
drying line is 20%-30% less than the same domestic industry .Our company design assistant drying road to recyccle 
the tail gas after measure, the tail tempreature is about 130°C.

Packing system

    By automatic stacking machine and packing machine, the egg tray can be loaded and transport.



Best Egg Carton Making Machine


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