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Are you seeking for egg tray machine with high quality?Come to Longkou YIHAO Machinery CO.,LTD. As the founder of paper and plastic industry in China,Longkou Packing Machinery Company established in 1978 is going to be one of the biggest companies for the best quality and large amount of export in the world market. Our company is located in an industrial garden of Shandong Peninsula with good environment and abundant resources. We enjoy convenient transportation.

       Our egg tray machine is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The egg tray machine system can use all kinds of waste paper to produce high quality molded fibre tray products, such as, egg trays, egg boxes, apple trays, meat portion trays, vegetable portion trays, fruit portion trays, strawberry punnets, kidney trays, wine packs, can trays, seed pots, seed cubes, etc.

Our egg tray machine has been proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during the thirty years of practice. With our egg tray machine, you can produce superior quality egg tray equal to any original egg tray machinery. Our egg tray machine is designed mainly to produce 30 egg tray, egg carton or apple trays with recycled waste paper as raw material, namely waste newspaper, cardboard, cartons, and even used egg trays are recyclable in production.That is why we are welcome by our customers.

Longkou YIHAO Machinery CO.,LTD look forward to cooperation with you!


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