Introduce the pulp molding machine make the egg tray.

        Do you know how does egg tray production process? I will introduce it.

        PMP(Pulp molding machine buffer shockproof packaging products),is made of waste newspaper,waste carton paper or the scrap from paper mills and printing factory as raw material. During the hydraulic pulper, ingredients and other technologies,the material will be deployed into a certain concentration of slurry.Then with vacuum adsorption,the slurry in a special metal mold can be changed into wet blank products.At last,through drying and hot pressing shaping, the wet blank products will be pulp moulding buffer shockproof packaging products.
        The PMP production proceeds without wasting water or exhausted gas, and the process water can be circulated.As waste paper is the main material,we have an abundant resource and a low cost. What’s more,you will be grateful to trade with us because of the cheap products.

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